For My Soul

The world is currently experiencing a spiritual and cultural crisis… and science is unable to fix that. Humanity is being invited to reassess what we build our lives on, to look beyond the world of material pursuit and sensory gratification – and to explore a deeper truth. We seek something that holds and nurtures us from the inside, rather than grasping at what we think will fulfill us from the outside. No matter our religious identity – or lack thereof – we are spiritual beings inhabiting these human bodies. We had just forgotten. 


Get to know Glenn

• Internationally certified ICF Master Coach & InnerLifeSkills Global Trainer
• Specializing in heart-based leadership, Coach@Work management & Self-Mastery
• Author, sailor, passionate vegetable gardener and duck lover
• Spiritual Wisdom sharer and fellow traveller
• Master of an Ordinary Life

How Glenn Can Help You on Your Spiritual Journey

Through various offerings, including a question-and-answer session, a spiritual coaching journey or a beautifully crafted Wisdom Well Way path to enlightenment, Glenn will help you to:

  • Better understand and reconnect with God/Source/Universal Love
  • Find your unique spiritual language – and how to listen to it
  • Live daily life seeing through the eyes of Wisdom
  • Step into your true power as a unique part of creation
  • Move from a life subtly tainted by fear and judgment to one of love and truth
  • Make decisions based on the deeper truth of your divine self

Gain clarity on the role and destiny of your soul   

Find your inner wisdom using

tools & methods from…

Coaching & Training

Tools and Methodologies in Glenn’s arsenal to help you unlock your inner wisdom

Coaching For Your Soul

Coaching for Spiritual Explorers

Being coached through a spiritual awakening is different from being taught by a guru or reading books on the subject. It is a practical hands-on series of exercises and contemplative practices that use your intuition, or inner wisdom, to guide you to the Truth of who you are.

A 6-session Personal Coaching package will help you develop healthy – and accurate – spiritual practices of inquiry that will support your awakening. We were not designed to navigate life alone, so why not move from surviving to thriving? Let go of any doubts and fears and step into your spiritual power now.

PRICE: $190 per session discounted to $800 for the 6-session Spiritual Coaching package.

The Enneagram

Tools and Methodologies in Glenn’s arsenal to help you unlock your inner wisdom

For Spiritual Explorers

The Enneagram is a remarkable tool for helping us grow our spiritual awareness…. Did you know that your soul has an Enneagram type? And that upon incarnation you usually choose a body or characteristic that best reflects your soul type? Imagine seeing your spiritual journey through the eyes of your soul? 

A simple 90-minute typing session will teach you the basics of the enneagram and help you understand your own pain pearls and more importantly, how to coach yourself to a place of wholeness.

$225 per 90-minute session

Resources For Your Soul

Tools and Methodologies in Glenn’s arsenal to help you unlock your inner wisdom

Helpful Videos

Video resources to help you unlock your inner wisdom

PDF Downloadables

Documents to help you unlock your inner wisdom

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