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Why not turn your colleagues into a rock-solid support team?

Were you appointed to manage others because you proved yourself in your various roles? Did anybody show you how to manage the best out of the people in your care? How do you get your team to deliver what your boss expects?

Get to know Glenn

• Internationally certified ICF Master Coach & InnerLifeSkills Global Trainer
• Specializing in heart-based leadership, Coach@Work management & Self-Mastery
• Author, sailor, passionate vegetable gardener and duck lover
• Spiritual Wisdom sharer and fellow traveller
• Master of an Ordinary Life

How Glenn Can Help Your Team

Depending on your specific challenge, Glenn will use a combination of coaching, Coach@work training and Enneagram wisdom to empower you and your team to:

  • Become master communicators
  • Overcome recent upheavals and adopt a spiral-up mindset
  • Take ownership of the bigger picture
  • Work closer and trust each other more
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Be more pro-active and accountable
  • Deal with change in a positive way
  • Think like a business within a business

Find your inner wisdom using

tools & methods from…

Coaching & Training

Tools and Methodologies in Glenn’s arsenal to help you unlock your inner wisdom

Coaching For Corporate

Coaching For Leaders

Now more than ever you are under pressure to deliver more with less. And you’re expected to have a crystal ball to make decisions based on what might be.

A 12-session Premier Coaching package with Glenn will support you through the next 9 – 12 months, giving you access to your own inner wisdom, finding clarity in the haze and designing specific actions that will propel you and your team to even greater success.

PRICE: $295 per session discounted to $2800 for the 12-session Premier Coaching package.

Coaching For Managers

With so many balls to juggle and so much to fit into a single day, imagine creating your own time bank, where you can deposit and withdraw time as you need it? With the right coaching questions, you will find a way to make time your friend.

A 10-session Corporate Coaching package with Glenn will empower you to become a cucumber-cool manager who inspires and delivers with little stress in 6 months. Say goodbye to inner obstacles and step into your true potential.

PRICE: $225 per session discounted to $1900 for the 10-session Corporate Coaching package.

The Enneagram

Tools and Methodologies in Glenn’s arsenal to help you unlock your inner wisdom

For Businesses

The global workplace is a kaleidoscope of diverse, multicultural people, often bringing their unique perspectives with them. While this can contribute to the company’s success, managing all these different humans is rather complex.

Why not simplify your life by using the one tool that cuts through all cultural differences and speaks to our deepest human drives – irrespective of race, gender, culture or nationality?

Getting them to communicate better, work closer, pull together and feel like they belong is far more challenging.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to deal with all the “human stuff” behind their roles?

Let Glenn share the wisdom of the Enneagram with you and your team so that everybody understands each other a bit more. Not just their actions and behaviour, but also WHY they do what they do. This will make everything so much easier.

This tool helps to:

  • Improve communication
  • Inspire appropriate action
  • Increase motivation
  • Overcome inner obstacles
  • Build self-awareness
  • Build a cohesive team

A simple 90-minute typing session will teach you the basics of the enneagram and help you understand your own pain pearls and more importantly, how to coach yourself to a place of wholeness.

$225 per 90-minute session

“Glenn is an absolute wizard. His skill in connecting with people on an individual level is unmatched. He managed to grasp the complicated context of our market and how we aligned our structure and processes immediately. Having Glenn lead our team through such a rough time, equipping us with the tools to understand not only our colleagues but also ourselves, has been invaluable.

Glenn’s individual sessions with me as CEO equipped me to manage people and processes in a far more effective and meaningful way. His work around obstacles and buttons that trigger certain responses made a huge difference in the day-today management of the company.

Glenn comes highly recommended.”

– CHRISTINA WATSON, CEO Via Afrika Publishers. Cape Town

Resources For Your Work

Tools and Methodologies in Glenn’s arsenal to help you unlock your inner wisdom

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